Sonali Bank Job Question And Solution

Sonali Bank Job Question And Solution. Sonali Bank Written Question And Solution is available below. We publish different educational post in our website. Exam question solution is one of the most important concern of our website. Sonali Bank Limited (SBL) Job Circular update at Sonali Bank Limited (SBL) has published job circular on 01 categorizes post.

It’s a lucrative job circular and it’s great chance to get job for job seeker. This job is perfect to build up a significant career. Those, who want to work,they should be taken out of this opportunity. Sonali Bank Limited (SBL) is one of the Government bank in Bangladesh.

So choose your desired job circular and apply specific job to build up your career. When we get Admit card and Result link or news then we give download link of Admit and Result as you can easily download through our website.

Sonali Bank Limited Written Math Solution:

Math Part Answer:

1.  720 and 1280

2.  7.2

3. 131.25 and 168.75

4. 11:8

5. 62.5%

1. A, B, C are partners in a business. A, whose money has been used for 4 month’s, claims 1/8 of the profit. B, whose money has been used for 6 month’s claims 1/3 of the profit. C had invested tk 1560 for 8 months. How much money did A and B contribute?

Solution :

Let total profit x tk.
Then, A’s share =x/8;B’s share =x/3
C’s share =x-(x/8+x/3)=13x/24
Ratio =x/8:x/3:13x/24=3:8:13
Again let A invested p for 4 month’s and B invested q for 6 months. So their investment ratio 4p :6q :1560*8=3:8:13
Therefore p=720 & q=1280.

Ans: 720 and 1280


5. In a certain class, 1/5 of the boys are shorter than the shortest girl in the class, and 1/3 of the girls are taller than the tallest boy in the class. If there are 16 stu­dents in the class and no two people have the same height, what percent of the students are taller than the shortest girl and shorter than the tallest boy?


Since total boys and girls = 16
Boys must multiple of 5 and girls must multiple of 3 so
Total boys = 10
Shorter boys = 10*1/5 = 2
Total girls = 6
Taller girls = 6*1/3 = 2
Shortest girl = 1 and Tallest boy = 1
Shorter boys = 2 and Taller girls = 2
Taller than shortest girls and shorter than tallest boy =(16-2-2-1-1)=10
10*100/16 = 62.5%

Ans: 62.5%

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