Govt. Job Related Notice

Govt. Job Related Notice. The government has taken necessary initiatives to fulfill the vacant posts in government offices, ministries and departments.

In reply to a question by the government member Morshed Alam, the State Minister for Social Welfare, Ismat Ara Sade, in response to a question asked by the public administration minister Syed Ashraful Islam.

The State Minister said that the number of vacant posts in the government offices, ministries and departments of the country is 3,59,561.

Govt. Job Related Notice

In response to a written question from Golam Dastagir Gazi of Govt. Party, Ismat Ara Sadek said that the number of vacant posts in the first class (9th to the 9th) is 48, 246, in the second category (10 to 12th grade), the number of vacancies is 54, 294, in the 3rd class (13th 17th grade) Number of vacancies is 1 lakh 82 thousand 737 and 4th grade (18 to 20th grade).

The number of vacancies is 73 thousand 984. Govt. Job Related Notice.

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